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The Dream Team "Buell Conversion Kits" are the perfect solution if you want to upgrade your stock Buell to a very cool, one of a kind Buell.

You can order the easy to assemble kits, or you can order a complete Buell bike that has been modified with our kits and you save time and effort. Each Dream Team Buell Conversion Bikes are handbuilt to your specifications.

Check out the specifications and photos and email us or call us at (206) 661-4295 in USA if you have any questions, or would like to to order a Buell Conversion Kit, or if you would like to have a bike custom built for you and would like more information.


  • Frame: Dream Team Standard or Custom Design
  • Seat: Standard or Custom Design
  • Gas Tank : Standard or Custom Design
  • Oil Tank : Avon 90/90
  • Rear Shock: Standard or Custom Design
  • Swing Arm. Standard or Custom Design
  • Complete Converted Buell Bikes Available
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